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1996b ERP: CRM and CMMS Get all in one

1996b ERP: Get all in one

One software to control and manage 100% of your company business

Designed for all type of businesses, 1996b is clear, quick, and easy

1996b is All softwares you need in one

Customer management software

Track Prospects and customers

Track customers calls and histories

Multi contacts, Multi Paying agencies

Track Quotes, Deliveries, Shippings, Invoices, Deposit Invoices, Credit notes

Send all documents by email in PDF

Cash in and dunning notices by email on late payments

Automatic KPIs

Suppliers Purchases Software

Track your suppliers and your purchases

Multi Tax, European Vat Included

Track POS and deliveries

Send your POs by email in PDF

Track your stock and Warehouses

Track Invoices and payment

Payment notices to your supplier

Automatic KPIs

Maintenance Management Software

Track your customers Assets, history, services contracts and Work orders

Track your Assets

Work orders of all types

Automatic Preventive Maintenance Schedule


Maintenance contracts

Stock and Warehouses stocks

Stock transfers

Multi Warehouses

Turn your maintenance into profits

Automatic KPIs


Staff schedule

Automatic integration of Customers Calls, PMs, WOs, to the schedule

Add any external document to your database

Data export to csv

Data import from csv

Free training on our Youtube channel


No need to register for a demo.

Take a tour and download to see by yourself

No need to register for a demo. Take a tour and download to see by yourself

1996b main screen
Ready to administrate your business

1996b Customers' list
Get all your customers infos in a click

1996b Customer record
All infos on one page

1996b quote
Send your quote by email to multiple recipients

1996b Customer PO
Order, delivery and Invoice from a quote

1996b Invoice
Invoicing is clear and easy

1996b Customer PO
Customer's purchase order page

1996b products sold
A quick view of what is sold

1996b Sales results
Sales results by category

1996b Invoices late payments
Check late payments

1996b KPI revenues
All your need to know on your revenues

1996b KPI sales
Compare sales results in a second

1996b KPI products sold
Automatic KPIs

1996b Supplier record
Supplier's info on one page

1996b Purchases
Get a quick look at your purchases

1996b Supplier payment notice
Payment notices by email

1996b Suppliers KPIs
Automatic KPIs

1996b Work orders on hold
Check easily your work orders downtime

1996b WOs' list
Get numbers in a click

1996b WOs' results
Quick comparison

1996b WOs' parts replaced
Know when you replace parts

1996b WO record
All work order's info on a page

1996b PM schedule
PM schedule in a click

1996b MTBF model
MTBF per model

1996b MTBF category
MTBF per category

1996b Staff schedule
Your staff schedule

1996b Schedule display
Change schedule display

1996b WOs KPIs
Automatic KPIs

1996b WOs KPIs

1996b WOs KPIs
Multi comparisons

1996b WOs KPIs
Dynamic graphs

1996b Products
Check your inventory

1996b Product record
Multiple product types

1996b Asset
Serialized product

1996b Asset
Assets by model

1996b Service
Service product type

1996b Asset
Asset info

1996b Asset
Asset info

1996b Assets list
Assets list

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One Pricing Plan and you're ready

  • 1996b Standalone Software Licence
  • Windows 10, 11
  • MacOS Ventura 13.0.1
  • 16.63€ per month

    19.96€ per month French Vat 20% included

    1 Year Subscription Billed annually

    3D-Secure billing process

  • No registration required

  • Coming in 2023

    1996b Full web, multi-users, manage your Own Server!

  • Technical specifications

  • 1996b Standalone Software

    1996b Annual licence

    Windows 10, 11

    MacOS Ventura 13.0.1

    Minimum Ram 8 GB

    Full HD or QHD

    Screen min 1920x1080