FileInquirer explores your PC

FileInquirer explores your PC


Build the database of your PC

Have you ever tried Window explorer and wait...?

Did you know that Window explorer by default search in Document, Images and Desktop only?

FileInquirer will retrieve all files paths on your PC whatever location and list them in a database.

You can build your database at any time, delete records and rebuild as many time as you want

FileInquirer will not rename your directories or files

FileInquirer will not move your directories or files


Check your PC

Have you ever wondered where you saved a document ? a photo, a zip, an application ?

Ever wondered what file you're going to get rid off to get space ?

Ever wondered what to copy from your old PC when changing ?

Use FileInquirer and you will easily know where are those files

Search, copy, export, delete or removed duplicates, check your PC


List builder and Inquirer

Very easy to use: Drag and drop a directory into FileInquirer or choose your main disk to create your data base then search by type of document, name, location , date of creation, size, ...

Search, copy, export, delete or removed duplicates, take control of your files


See how it works in our video

One Pricing Plan and you're ready

  • FileInquirer Standalone
  • Windows 10, 11
  • 30€ per year

    All taxes included

    1 Year Subscription Billed annually

  • No registration required