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ERP software from quotes to e-invoicing for Mac and Windows

Discover 1996soft our business management solution

1996soft manages your company from your customers relationships, from quotation to electronic invoicing, and up to after-sales service management in a single software

1996soft is a powerful ERP software designed for all types of businesses, from small to medium-sized businesses, which will cover all your sales activities whether they are with individuals, businesses or public services

1996soft is designed to be compatible with any business activities

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Why choose our ERP software?

Centralize and optimize all your operational processes in a clear, simple and intuitive way.

Give added value to time-consuming administrative tasks.

Intuitive, easy to implement and use, our solution will seduce you with its immediate operability and low investment cost.

100% Certified E-Invoicing with Factur-X Factur-X comfort, XRechnung with ZUGFeRD format, FatturaPA and FacturaE

1996soft will turn all your invoices into electronic invoices with It's PDF/A-3 format combining PDF and xml (only for EU countries)

100% Real time results of your company's activities in a single click

With only one software to center all your activities you can retrieve all key informations on your day to day progress and make real time decisions for your company

Quickly navigate from a customer to their invoices, quotes, orders, service orders and products

100% Increase in your productivity

Automate and Consolidate all your processes in a single application

From customer calls to electronic invoicing, from after-sales service to inventory management, Put an end to scattered informations on word processing documents, spreadsheets or multi-modules on line

100% Improvement in your customer relationship

Follow your communications in real time

Improve your responsiveness by quickly sending your quotes and responding quickly to your after-sales service requests

100% International

Change the language of the application at any time and send a copy of your invoice or you quote in the language of your customer or send your purchase order in the language of your supplier!

100% All inclusive

Customer management software

✓ Follow Prospects and customers

✓ Follow customers calls and communications

✓ Multi contacts, Multi Paying agencies

✓ Follow Quotes, Deliveries, Shippings, Invoices, Deposit Invoices, Credit notes

✓ Duplicate Quotes and Invoices

✓ Send all documents by email in PDF

✓ Cash in and dunning notices by email on late payments

✓ "Bad payer" alert on the customer file

Suppliers Purchases Software

✓ Follow your suppliers and your purchases

✓ Ready to go international

✓ Follow POS and deliveries

✓ Send your POs by email in PDF

✓ Follow Invoices and payment

✓ Payment notices to your supplier

After-Sales service Software

✓ Follow your customers Assets, history, services contracts and Work orders

✓ Follow your Assets

✓ Work orders of all types

✓ Automatic Preventive Maintenance Schedule


✓ Maintenance contracts

✓ Stock and Warehouses stocks

✓ Stock transfers


✓ Staff schedule

✓ Automatic integration of Customers Calls, PMs, WOs, to the schedule

✓ Add any external document to your database

✓ Data export to csv

✓ Data import from csv

✓ Automatic data backup on the media of your choice

✓ Free training on our Youtube channel

100% Time saved

Better than a long speech, download our free trial version and try immediately without waiting for an appointment, or a complex and time-consuming demonstration.

No membership. No need to register your email!

No subscription: 475 € for a LIFETIME license!*

  • 1996soft Standalone Software Licence*
  • Minimum Windows 10, 11
  • Minimum macOS Ventura 13.0.1
  • 475 €

    ( French Vat 20% included)

    395.83 € ( Vat excluded)

    3D-Secure billing process

    *All upgrades included for One unique computer

  • Download trial for Windows It's FREE Download trial for macOS It's FREE

    No registration required

  • Technical specifications
  • Minimum Windows 10, 11

    Minimum macOS Ventura 13.0.1

    Minimum Ram 8 GB

    Full HD or QHD

    Screen min 1920x1080

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