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New version V19-230801

Version macOs and Windows V19-230801

1996b becomes 1996soft.

Language integration Spanish, Italian and German.

Invoice format in xml fully compliant with Factur-X, Xrechnung, FatturaPA, FacturaE.

Automatic integration of the list of countries with ISO code in the 5 languages French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Automatic integration of the list of States for the USA, Mexico and Canada, Counties for UK and Republic of Ireland, Bundeslander for Germany, Regions of France, Belgium, Switzerland, Provincias for Spain, Province for Italy.

List of videos on our Youtube channel

Click here to access the channel

Note: You can enlarge the video and change the resolution to 1080p HD, which is not automatic, by clicking the button at the bottom right of the Youtube window

What happens if you buy 1996soft?

This video explains the process of buying 1996soft

What happens when you register your licence?

Once your license has been registered, the application will ask you to enter your company's information: Fill in the requested elements and validate: you can come back to your Company's file later.

The application will restart and create Your database according to your chosen language in the trial version and your entered company information.

The application will automatically create the list of countries and regions

The application will automatically create the basic popups (Payment period, Payment type, VAT exemption code, Machine status, Intervention status, Gender, Automatic text of emails, etc.)

You can then customize these lists (modification or deletion of unsuitable items)

Vous pourrez ensuite customiser ces listes ( modification ou suppression des éléments non adaptés)

Note: for France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, the Payment Term, Payment Type, VAT Exempt Code, and Billing Framework popups are the OFFICIAL lists to use for electronic invoicing

No problem: click on one of the language flags and the application will create the popups in the chosen language

1-Configure your Company profile

2-Configure the database

3-Enter your products, your customers, your invoices etc.

Note: You can create your products and customers from the invoice directly!

These videos explain how to configure the application

How to change language and settings?
How to set emails with a GMAIL account?
What is COA?
What is a popup?

Note: for France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, the Payment Term, Payment Type, VAT Exempt Code, and Billing Framework popups are the OFFICIAL lists to use for electronic invoicing

How to add products?

A product is an item, an object, a spare part, a device, a device with a serial number or a service

Products are things you sell but also you buy to manange your company.

Note: You can create a product record at any time: from a quote, a customer order, a customer invoice, a supplier order, an invoice, a service order

How to add customers and contacts?
How to add a customer's call, a customer, a quote, a contact, a product?
How to create an order and an invoice from a quote?
How to record a customer's order?
How to add a delivery and shipment?

How to add a customer's invoice?
How to send a dunning notice to a customer?
How to record customers payments?

How to add a supplier's purchase order and equipments reception/delivery?
How to add a supplier's invoice?
How to add an item on an invoice?
How to correct an account number on a supplier's invoice?

How to create a work order from a customer's call?
How to schedule work orders?
How to add common tasks and complete work orders?
How to apply an invoice Number on work orders and modify completed work orders?

Minimum Windows 10, 11 or MacOS Ventura

Ram 8 Go

Full HD or QHD screen 1920x1080

You will have to download our demo version to buy the software

Make sure you have downloaded the last version. If the date is different from your demo version, uninstall your demo version and download the lastest version indicated above

Make sure you have read our terms and conditions and privacy policy before downloading the trial version

Open the trial version and Click on the button buy

You will be prompted to enter your name and email address

You will be then redirected to our bank web site for safe and secure payment

Pay attention that we only accept credit card payment

Once the payment is completed you will receive by email your receipt and your licence number to register in the software

By default the software will create a directory called 1996soft on the C disk unless you change location during installation when prompted

The software is provided with an Uninstall.exe that you can run if you want to delete the software from your disk

The software is not provided with a user guide. The user guide is under construction

Go to our Youtube channel to see our short training videos

Please note that some buttons are disabled in the demo version

Can't find the answer to your question ? please email us we will be pleased to complete this section